Delusional Coolness

Tim, the guy in this video, has the right attitude for being a bro – or a pickup artist – but he leaves out half of the equation. Go ahead and watch his talk, then see if you can spot what’s missing.

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If you want to get the guys in the room to see you as a bro, not to mention get noticed by the ladies, thinking that you’re the coolest person on the planet is only the first ingredient. The second ingredient, without which you’re just a douche, is that you must think that everyone else in the room is also the coolest person on the planet. It’s a multi-way tie for first place.

They have to be equally cool, because they’re with you. Think of your coolness as a flame: it sets those who touch it on fire without weakening your own flame. This is how the guy who befriends everyone thinks. Get yourself into that mindset every time you go out. It takes practice, but the rewards are always worth the effort.