Finding Facebook Bros

login button

For some time, has had a little blue button like this one near the bottom of many of its pages. You probably already know that you can use it to connect your seekBromance login information with your Facebook account, so that you can sign in to seekBromance automatically, as long as you’re signed into Facebook.

Today we’re proud to announce that there’s something else you can do on seekBromance when you’re signed in with Facebook. It’s this other little blue button called “Find your Facebook bros!” and you’ll find it under the members’ menu once you’re logged in.

Our Facebook bros button

Clicking this button opens up a window that lets you do a couple of things. If you click on “Find your Bros on SB!” you’ll get a complete listing of any of your Facebook friends who already have accounts and bro-files on the site. You can use this info to link to their bro-file pages, and to add their contacts to your seekBromance address book.

The “Invite more bros” button checks your Facebook friends list for all dudes in the area we serve who aren’t yet members. Then, you’ll have the option of sending any or all of them a Facebook invite.

Use both of these features to turn your search for bromance into a social experience. Have fun!