Password scare

Hey bros,

With all the publicity lately about hackers stealing passwords from LinkedIn and eHarmony, you might be wondering if any passwords on have been hacked.

First, even though we don’t spend millions of dollars on cybersecurity, our level of security is still pretty good, and probably better than most sites that get similar amounts of traffic. Second, no hacks of any kind against are known to have succeeded (and there have been lots of attempts since the site came up last August). Of course, anything on any database that’s connected to the Internet can in theory be stolen, if the thieves have enough time, money, and skill. But your odds of getting hit by space debris are probably better than the odds your password here will be hacked.

The bottom line, dudes, is that it’s healthy to change your passwords every once in a while, and seekbromance is no exception. And if you have reason to think that some unauthorized person is using your account, please email immediately and we’ll make sure your login is secured again.

Happy bromancing!
-Dave P. (founder)