Using the ‘B’ Word

So you found a guy friend recently, maybe here on seekBromance, or maybe somewhere else. That’s awesome. The two of you have been hanging out together for a while, maybe going to football games or getting together for lunch. That, too, is awesome, but of course it’s not yet a bromance. When you reach the point where you feel that this guy is an important person in your life, and if he thinks the same thing about you, that’s when you might start hearing the B-word used when people talk about the two of you. But you have to handle this maturely, or you could end up ruining the relationship.

First things first: don’t ever use the word “bromance” without your bro’s consent. You might be wrong about the feeling being mutual, or your bro might even misunderstand what the word means. And even if your bro doesn’t mind the word, don’t go broadcasting it on Twitter and Facebook the way a 13-year-old girl would post about one of her crushes. It may be fun for you, but it quickly gets old for anyone else viewing your account. Unless you’re Ashton Kutcher, social media is not the place to chronicle every happening in your life.

Another thing to keep in mind is that there is no such thing as an “exclusive bromance.” Obviously, close friendships take time and attention in order to remain close, but it doesn’t have to be at the expense of everything else you do. It’s very possible to juggle two or even three close friendships, especially if you all get together at once.

Finally, if there’s a special woman in your life, take extra care that she doesn’t get shortchanged on your affection. If she’s not clingy, she will completely understand your need to spend time with your bros as well as with her. Nevertheless, your relationship with her is also a two-way street. She still needs you.

-The Blog Dude