Taxes for Bros

Happy tax day, dudes!

I am a businessbro, of course. As a consequence, making money is one of the major things that I have to do for my businesses, including It’s never easy, and having to pay taxes doesn’t help. Even so, I’m not a tax cheat. I’m not a tax protestor, either. The truth is, I believe very strongly in paying all the tax that the law says I owe. But the flip side, which I believe in just as strongly, is that I never want to pay anything more than what the law says I owe. Unfortunately, millions of bros (and sisters) overpay every year.

By most estimates, about half of all income tax returns filed are overpaying. So dudes, make sure you keep good records and do your homework about the various tax credits and deductions that you’re entitled to. Check out this short list of basic steps you can take, and if you want to go deeper, just enter “how to save on taxes” on your favorite search engine.

-The Blog Dude