Don’t ask ‘why?’, ask ‘how?’

question mark

Hey dudes,

One of my engineering professors had a seriously cool sign on his office door. It said, “I am not interested in WHY it can’t be done. I am interested in HOW you are going to do it.”

The main reason this sign is so cool is that it doesn’t just apply to technical projects; it applies to life. Pretty much anything in life. Think about the sad dude in the bar, crying into his beer and asking why he lost his job. Or the woman who finds out her husband was unfaithful and spends hours hysterically sobbing “why?” to her friend. The trouble with “why” is that it has no power. Even if you think it gets you off the hook (“here’s why it can’t happen”), it really doesn’t. “Why” doesn’t have a point.

Things change when you replace “why” with “how,” because you then regain the power to discover not only what led up to the problem, but what a resolution might be. How did that dude lose his job? He was an hour late every day and never filed his TPS reports. How did that woman’s husband start cheating? She gained 50 pounds since their wedding. That’s how these things happened. Mysteries solved, and now these two can hopefully learn from their mistakes next time.

What does all this have to do with bromance? Simple. You should never ask yourself “Why don’t I have a bromance?” Instead, you need to ask yourself, “How am I going to find one?”

Go make it happen, bros.

-The Blog Dude