Free perks just from being a bro!

Hey dudes,

In case you’ve been feeling down lately, I found a list of things that can make you feel better about yourself.

The following is a list of advantages that guys have over girls:

  1. We’re bigger and stronger
  2. We’re happier
  3. We don’t feel as much pain
  4. We get paid more
  5. We’re always right (okay, an obvious joke)
  6. We stay warmer in the cold
  7. It’s quicker for us to pee
  8. We don’t trash our bros to others
  9. We’re smarter (but only by a couple of IQ points)
  10. It’s still a man’s world!

You can find explanations for each of these at the site that hosts this list. Now smile! (Come on, nobody’s looking.)

-The Blog Dude