How to classify a bro

Hey bros,

What are we all made of? What are the primary qualities to being a bro? Well, I came across a blog entry recently that does an awesome job of answering that question.

According to these dudes, there are four dimensions to being a bro:

  • Jockishness
  • Dudeliness
  • Preppiness
  • Stoner-ishness

Jockishness, of course, measures how interested a dude is in sports and fitness. Dudeliness measures how often a dude likes to get together with other bros and do bro things – basically, how social they are with other bros. Preppiness is obviously highest among those dudes whose families have belonged to the same country club for the last century, but it also reflects the ability to dress conservative-casually and still look cool. Stoner-ish dudes are the ones who have a surfer vibe, and who speak in that relaxed, bewildered voice that such people use. Stoner-bros don’t necessarily have fried brains (they can be incredibly smart) or even get high. It’s all about the image.

The diagram here is a map of how a few celebrity bros fit into the four dimensions. Print it out, take a few push-pins, and figure out where you and your closest bros fall.

-The Blog Dude



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