Bromance, eh? And ‘Rule, Bro-tannia!’


BIG news today, bros!

After two years of serving only the U.S. of A, has now gone international. We are officially open for business in both Canada and the UK. As always, seekBromance is free to join. Paid subscriptions are the same price worldwide (based on US dollars).

The main difference that our US bros will notice is that subscribers can now send messages and chat with other bros in all three countries, and you’ll be able to browse member bro-files by country, as well as by state or province.

Note to new Canadian bros: The bro-file form has a drop-down menu for “State/Province,” from which you need to select your province or territory of residence. The provinces are listed alphabetically after the 50 US states, so don’t worry about being on the wrong page.

Note to new Brit bros: The bro-file form has a drop-down menu for “State/Province,” which needs to have a selection. Please use the entry that reads “Outside US and Canada,” which is the last item in the drop-down list.

If you’re in either Canada or the UK, don’t forget to enter your home postal code. The seekBromance database uses it to search for other bros who live nearby.

Happy bromancing, everyone!

-The Blog Dude


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