Never wish on a star


Hey dudes,

Not too long ago, a colleague of mine told me a story about his boyhood – a story that I think is worth passing on to you guys.

So my friend’s mom had just decided to go back to college when he was still very young. Because she also worked full time, she had to take classes at night. She would drop him off with his aunt and two cousins, who were close to his age.

They lived on a farm outside a very small town (of only about 300), and that was different from his usual neighborhood. Fortunately he got along very well with all three of them. As time went on, he became attached enough to the place to beg his mom to let him stay there on the weekends when she wasn’t in school.

One of those weekends he and his two cousins were hanging outside until it got dark. Then they had to go in. Before they did, one cousin says, “Look, a falling star. We get to make a wish!”

So both his cousins make their wishes, and they go inside. He still hadn’t figured out what his wish was going to be yet – and then it hits him.

He says, “I never want this house to burn down”. Then he goes inside. (Keep in mind, he was 5 at the time.) A few short months later, guess what happened.

That house caught fire. Burned to a crisp. No one was hurt, but he remembers losing a couple of toys he had left there.

Even at that early age, he felt he could sense the “moral” of this story. You can’t just sit around wishing for things; you have to make them happen through your own plans and your own efforts. Bromance is no different. Don’t expect the ideal guy friend to knock on your door one day; it never happens. So if you haven’t finished your bro-file, or updated it recently, now is a great time to take care of that.

-The Blog Dude