Once in a while, when I’m having a casual conversation with another guy and explaining to him what is all about, he’ll say that he’s more likely to use meetup to find events he’s already interested in and make friends from there. Maybe you’ve thought the same thing, so today I want to demonstrate to you why a site specifically for finding male friends works better.

First, a disclaimer. I have no issue with at all; in fact, I use it often for non-bromance-related activities. It’s an awesome site if you like hiking, happy hours, business networking, and other generally social stuff. Unfortunately, when it comes to making a close friend, you won’t have any better luck there than you will at your job, your church, or any other “closed” society.

On seekBromance, when you look at the various bro-files of other members, you can find those you share your values and interests a lot more quickly. You get more information about a guy up front than you could find out even in months of just talking during a meeting. Also, you don’t have to worry about the scheduling conflicts that are so common in a meetup group, because you can search 24/7. You get more convenience when you can contact a large number of bros from your home or the local coffee shop – and even when you’re traveling out of the area.

Most of all, you know the other guys are looking for close guy friends, too. There’s no danger that your friendliness is going to be misinterpreted. So get out there and make it happen!

-The Blog Dude


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