Beard Bromances

Hey dudes,

There hasn’t been a humor article on this blog in a while, so I thought I would share this entertaining little meme pic.

Beard Bromance

For those of you too lazy to link, I’ll quote a little of the text on it: “Growing a beard can be hard. / Sometimes you need a beard buddy / …someone that will be there for you and your beard” (Actually not such bad advice.)

And for the record, I’m of the opinion that every dude who has a decent amount of facial hair follicles should absolutely experience himself with a beard. At some point or other in his life, and whether he decides to keep it or not. Just remember it can take about 2 months to look presentable, so give it a fair shot. It’s just another part of being a bro.

Happy bromancing in 2014!

-The Blog Dude