The Bromance Book is Here!


Hey dudes,

It’s official: The Bromance Book is now available for purchase!

Filled with exclusive material, this book talks about everything you want to know about finding a bro but were afraid to ask. It also helps YOU become a better bro – the kind of dude that other guys will want to hang out with. Best of all, there are step-by-step exercises that make it easy for you to figure out what kind of guy you want to spend your valuable time with, and how to filter out the wrong ones. These methods work for any guy, old or young, single or married, gay or straight, in his quest for close friendship.

The Bromance Book is available worldwide, including the USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, India, Mexico, Brazil, and Japan, at your home country’s Amazon website. Get your copy today in paperback or on your Kindle!

-The Blog Dude


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