A Change in Schedule


Hey dudes,

As I mentioned a while ago, my highest priority is to work on ways to grow the membership base on the main seekBromance site – it always has been. This involves a lot of different activities, and there’s only so much time in the day that I can spend on them. So I’ve made the decision that, until further notice, I’m going to issue routine updates to this blog and to the email newsletter once every two weeks, instead of once a week. If there’s big news between updates, of course, it’ll still get posted.

Don’t panic: I’m still here for you. All the bro-file updates are still going to get reviewed and approved within 24-48 hours, and I will always get an alert on my phone whenever you submit a request on the helpdesk. I’m just as dedicated as ever to making your experience with the seekBromance site as awesome as possible, so if there’s anything you want me to hear about, by all means let me know. If it’s not a helpdesk issue, you can always use the Facebook page or the main email. Talk to you soon, bro.

-The Blog Dude