Bromance Is Going Mobile


Hey dudes,

I’ve always hated vaporware announcements, but my latest Bromance-related project is far enough along now that I can be confident enough about discussing it. Long story short: seekBromance is finally going mobile.

The first prototype of a seekBromance app for Android finally has some functionality, and now it’s moving right along with more features being added. After it’s done, we’ll begin an iPhone app with the same features. The apps will let you browse and search with the same capabilities as on the full site, you’ll be able to make quick updates to your bro-file (once you’re registered), and even use your phone to take a selfie for your bro-file photo!

There’s no official release date for the apps yet, since the code isn’t really being done in a “production” environment, but it’s definitely happening, bros. I’ll continue to keep you posted.

-The Blog Dude