New Bro in the House!


Hey bros,

Okay, technically we didn’t hire the dude. He’s contracting with us through his corporate identity, but he’s still pretty gosh darned cool.

Long story short, he’s going to be concentrating on finishing out the Android version of seekBromance that I started, while I work on the iPhone version – among many, many other things. He’s done a decent amount of software development in the past, but none in Android, so we both agreed that this gig would be a win-win: he’d learn and seekBromance would get an app. While I won’t reveal his full identity, I am okay with telling you that his first name is Alan. (And he’s a dad as well as a dude.)

So if you see Alan cruising along the highways and byways of Silicon Valley, congratulate him with a fist bump!

-The Blog Dude