Update on the Bromance Mobile Apps

Hey dudes,

If you’ve been following the news on seekBromance.com, you know that I’ve been designing a mobile app to work on the back end of the site, both for Android and for iPhones. You might also know that I enlisted the help of my bro Alan to handle a lot of the coding. Just like all the other cool kids, we have our projects hosted remotely in Git environments so that we can collaborate on different parts of the code at the same time.

Well, the release looks like it’s finally coming into view at this point. We’re targeting both apps to be out by the end of this year (yes, that’s December 2016). And I promise you, they’ll be worth the wait, because you will be able to:

  • Search the database for bros, using the full set of search options
  • Send fist bumps to bros
  • Send messages to bros, if you’re a paid subscriber
  • Read other bros’ blogs and comment on their blog entries
  • Update your own blog
  • Update your own brofile

No more scrolling around a mobile-unfriendly website for you. Soon you can use this app to search for bromance wherever your phone can get a signal.

Finally, if you’re a brogrammer who wants to contribute to either project, email us. We can’t pay much, but we can give you a brofessional reference!

-The Blog Dude