Are You a Ferris or a Cameron?

I’m sure you all know what the above question is referring to, but for those who don’t, these guys are the title character and his best bro from the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Even though this picture turns 30 this year, it’s still an American icon. So anyway, back to the question.

You probably want to say that you’re a Ferris, because Ferris is the type that every bro wants to be. This “righteous dude” is a naturally charismatic leader who knows how to get away with just about anything. He can think on his feet, he’s wildly popular, and he never ever lets any obstacle slow him down. Does all that describe you? Some of those things might, but all of them? I doubt it. The sad truth is that no dude who has ever lived has achieved full Ferris-hood. Some of them get closer to the ideal than others, but that’s about it.

Now think about Ferris’ best bro, Cameron. This dude seems a lot more “real,” but not in a good way. He feels completely helpless, as though life is happening to him and he has no control at all. As if he’s completely stuck, and trapped by fate. Those feelings have given him a sort of low-level, chronic depression. He’s an extreme case, but everyone gets hit with these feelings. There’s an excellent chance that you know a few Camerons personally, if you aren’t one yourself.

So what about your own best bro? Is he more of a Ferris, or more of a Cameron? If he’s more like a Ferris, count yourself lucky. Go with the flow when you’re hanging out with him, have amazing adventures to create your own movie, and most of all, let some of that infectious confidence rub off on you, too.

If your bro is a Cameron, you obviously don’t want to try to be like him, but you do want to be there for him. Also, nudge him along, encourage him to take an occasional break from (what he sees as) the horrific routine of his existence. Most of all, remember that every Cameron has his breaking point: when he says “enough is enough” and decides to take a stand. Hopefully he won’t kill his dad’s car, but regardless, when your bro finds his inner strength at long last, support him.

And once you find that inner power yourself, if you haven’t already, get out there and change the world!

-The Blog Dude