Has Just Turned 5 Years Old!

Hey dudes,

Time for us at SB to celebrate. It’s not easy to believe that the website first launched at the tag end of August 2011. By now, you should realize that we’re totally in it for the long haul.

(Of course, we’re technically a little bit older than 5 years now. The parent company that owns came into existence a few weeks earlier, but we don’t expect anybody but lawyers to care about a detail like that.)

What’s next for us? Besides the SB apps that are now under development, that is? I’m not totally sure yet: I’ll have to catch my breath when those are finally done. But whatever it is, our top goal is to get every interested dude in the English-speaking world to sign up and get social. And yeah, if there’s enough of a market in other countries, we’ll go multilingual, too. The bottom line is that we’re growing our membership, and we’re not going to stop our efforts to keep it growing.

Happy bromancing!

-The Blog Dude