The Help Desk Is Moving

Hey dudes,

Just a quick announcement this time about a minor change to the service.

As of now, you can get technical support for by going to The old site, at, is going out of service this Thursday, September 22.

The new site still has the complete knowledge base, and it still lets you open a ticket when you’re having technical issues. You don’t need to be logged in to open a ticket, but if you want to view other people’s tickets, you need to sign up and create an account.

As always, the more info you provide in the ticket, the better the help you can get. Always include your member email for and your login ID. Also include the login and any other header information if you get a problematic message through the site. And if all else fails, there’s still the email at support(at)seekbromance(dot)com.

Happy bromancing!

-The Blog Dude