When the world has changed so much, bromance can help

Men in general have had a difficult time in the “post-industrial” nations lately. Automation, technology, and trade have all combined to devalue muscle, and that’s very bad news for any man who isn’t academic enough to earn a degree. Also, the number of women in the workforce has exploded in the last few decades. Boys are not performing as well as girls in elementary school. And even men who graduate (with tremendous student loan debt) still struggle as employers hire people overseas at low wages.

Is it any wonder that so many guys have lost their confidence and their will to succeed, and feel powerless because of it?

Having a bro as a close friend won’t solve all these problems, but it will still do a lot for you, as long as you’re as willing to support your bro as he is to support you. In effect, your bro becomes an extension of your family, which can be a tremendous help if you need to work through supportiveness issues with your actual family. You and your bro can motivate each other to stay on track with your goals, whether they’re fitness, job hunting, or entrepreneurship.

Bottom line: if you have a bro, help him to help you succeed. If you don’t have a bro, get one. Make this the year to rebuild yourself into what you want to be: just remember that you probably can’t do it alone.

-The Blog Dude