Giving You the Bird More (The Twitter Bird!)

Hey bros,

Until fairly recently, I haven’t done very much with the seekBromance twitter account. It’s set up to tweet all the blog and Facebook posts, but that was about all in the beginning. The reason was that I didn’t have time to do much else with it, nor the money to hire a “social media coordinator.”

So in today’s news, I want to tell you that I’ve discovered a reasonably good happy medium for expanding seekBromance’s twitter presence. It’s an app called Crowdfire, which harvests all the keywords from our blog and other social sites, and – theoretically, at least – comes up with relevant tweets from the twittersphere, all on one neat page so that I can pick and choose which ones I think my followers (you!) will find useful. I hope you enjoy some of them going forward.

Of course, if there’s anything specific that you guys want me to retweet, send me the info. I can’t promise I’ll do it, but I’ll at least review the article.

Happy bromancing!

-The Blog Dude