Your Other Health To Take Care Of

Hey dudes,

By now you’ve heard or read tons of advice about taking care of your health. Stuff that warns you that if you don’t take care of your health, it could wreck your life. All of this has to do with physical health, but what doesn’t get talked about nearly as much is your emotional health. And if you don’t take care of that, it can also ruin your life.

Of course, the rules for taking care of your physical health are pretty simple: get enough sleep, eat a balanced diet, exercise daily, don’t smoke, and don’t abuse alcohol or recreational drugs. (You might be able to get away with breaking some of these rules when you’re young, but as you get older you’ll start to wish that you hadn’t.)

The rules about taking care of your emotional health are pretty simple, too. All you need is to have multiple people in your life who:

  1. Love you (Yes, bros do love each other, just like all close friends do).
  2. Want the best for you
  3. Are supportive of you

That’s pretty much it. And that’s why having one or more bros is so important. Your emotional health is being starved if you depend on all of these things from your spouse, a relative, or your girlfriend – or boyfriend. Trying to get all of these things from a single person just doesn’t work, no matter how wonderful they are. Besides, the more people who can give you this kind of emotional support, the easier it becomes for you to give it back to them. It’s a positive feedback loop. So the more bros you have, the merrier.

There’s one more thing about emotional health that needs to be mentioned, though. Just as there are things that are good or bad for your physical health, there are people who are good or bad for your emotional health. Some people are emotionally abusive, meaning that they put you down, guilt you into doing things for them that no reasonable person would ask of you, or otherwise try to take advantage of your good nature. Don’t let these people remain in your life. They only damage your emotional health, and that damage gets worse over time.

Now back to bromancing! Stay healthy!

-The Blog Dude