Real Bros Don’t Rant

Hey bros,

If you take the headlines at face value, it looks like a lot of people, especially here in the US, have been going completely crazy, joining radical movements like the alt right or the far left. Either way, these people are usually guys, they’re always angry, they feel marginalized, and they strike out by spewing venom at anyone who’s not in their club. Sometimes they send death threats and even get physically violent. So WTF is happening? Are we looking at impending social collapse?

No, we’re not. In reality, people like this have always been around. We’re hearing more about them now because (1) the Internet has made it a lot easier for them to find each other, and for them to hate on others, and (2) craziness always makes for news stories that get more people’s attention.

It’s tempting to rant back at these idiots, but don’t. They are so committed to their own propaganda that they will never listen to anything else. Or maybe you feel just as angry about some of the same things that they do. That’s perfectly cool, but it isn’t an excuse to start acting like them.

See, anger can be a great motivator, but a lot of people fall into the trap of thinking that, as long as they rant on social media, they’ve accomplished something. Wrong. If something makes you angry enough to do something about it, make a plan and follow through with it. If it’s truly impossible for you to fix or improve something, even with outside help, then the best thing to do is to put it out of your mind. There’s no point stressing yourself out over what you can’t change.

-The Blog Dude