You Are Not Special – And That’s Awesome

Hey bros,

You might have heard about a high school graduation speech from a few years back, where the phrase “you are not special” was a key theme. The point that the speaker was making is that, even if you were the valedictorian in this class, there were thousands of other class valedictorians in the US alone, and all of them are just as special. Anyway, these words became a popular catch phrase for a while, and some people even tried to politicize it. One target of the “anti-special” crowd turned out to be the participation trophies that some kids received for being involved in sports.

There isn’t necessarily anything wrong with these kinds of trophies, but only if the kids are young enough that they don’t yet have much motivation or even much focus. Beyond that, of course, participation trophies don’t have any point, and even young kids are bright enough to figure that out.

The bottom line is that, unless you’re one of the greatest “X’s” who has ever lived – in other words, an Einstein, a Da Vinci, or a Sun Tzu – you can safely say that you’re not special. You can almost as safely say that you haven’t even met anyone special. I don’t consider myself special, either.

So what’s so awesome about not being special? For one thing, it opens up a lot more possibilities for what you can achieve than if you were simply born to do a particular type of task. A non-special guy can start a billion-dollar company, discover a new genome, or rise to a high elected office. But for bromance, the news is even better.

If you’re not special, most of the bros around here aren’t special, either. So that’s at least one thing you have in common. Why not start a conversation about it? If we’re not special, let’s at least not be special together.

Happy bromancing!

-The Blog Dude