App-y New Year 2018 from seekBromance!

Hey bros,

First, in all seriousness, here’s my best wishes to you for 2018. May this be the year you get everything you want.

Second, I’ve got some news. My developer guy and I are now at the point where we can be totes confident in saying: 2018 will be the year of the first seekBromance app! All the features related to accessing the site (and your data) have been coded, tested, and debugged, both for Android and iPhone versions. Now all that’s left is to finish up the few remaining “support” functions, like updating your email and password, and letting you update your list of favorite brofiles. You know, the stuff that some software geeks call “non-functional requirements.” Finally, we’re going to put the whole app through the QA tests that Google Play and the iTunes store wants every developer to run before submitting. I’m not leaving anything unchecked, bros!

So what’s the magic day? We don’t have one yet, but I promise that you will hear it on the and Facebook page first. We’re on the final stretch now.

The Blog Dude