Jock Therapy: Part 1 – Thinking Simple

Hey bros,

If you’re like most people in today’s hyper, crazy world, you’re overworked, overstressed, and most of all, overthinking. Which sabotages a lot of the positive things that happen in your life. Overthinking a good thing makes it seem less good, and overthinking a problem makes it seem a lot scarier than it really is. Maybe you’ve tried popular ways to unclutter your mind, but it never seems to be helpful for long.

What I’m giving you in this article is an exercise in guided imagery. It’s designed to temporarily free your mind from any thoughts that will just be distractions over the next two or three hours. Even though it has a ‘jock’ theme, you don’t necessarily have to use it for a workout (but it is great for clearing your mind before a training session!) Ready? Here we go!

Sit down in a comfortable seat, then close your eyes. Picture yourself inside an empty locker room. It’s an awesome locker room: the benches are smooth and sturdy, the carpet feels fantastic, the lockers are spotless, and there’s a fresh coat of paint on them and on the walls. This is your locker room, bro. Your own safe space.

Now let your thoughts move in and out of your mind the way they normally do. Did you get a thought about something that you don’t need to think about for a while? Something that’s a distraction right now? Maybe it’s a utility bill, or a side project at work, or how many more years until you die. Take that thought, and gently put it into one of the many empty lockers. Close and lock the door to keep it safe. You can always come back for that thought whenever you need it.

If you need a physical cue to help with this, simply touch your index finger to your forehead, and let the thought be pulled to your fingertip like it’s a magnet. Once it’s there, take your thumb and your forefinger and gently pull the thought out of you. If it’s a very worrisome thought, you will immediately feel a relaxing lightness in your head. Take your thought over to the lockers, place it inside one of them, and lock it. One by one, all the thoughts you don’t need are stored away. You feel simple, open, and free; ready to focus completely on what you plan to do next, with only the thoughts that you need to get the job done.

When you’re done, all you have to do is unlock those lockers and be your old self again. But until then. . . enjoy, bro.

-The Blog Dude