About the Founder

He once wrestled the lid off a jar of peanut butter.
Flight attendants call him, “Sir.” 
His socks never get lost in the laundry.
His favorite web site is known only to his Facebook friends.

He is…the one billionth most interesting man in the world.

Meet Dave Peyton, founder of seekBromance.com

Dave in suit

Dave is a proud native of the San Francisco Bay Area. A mild-mannered Silicon Valley techie by day, he turns into a bromantic matchmaker by night and on weekends. He enjoys:

  • Writing
  • Drinking excessive amounts of coffee
  • Entertaining his greyhound, Panther
  • Getting weight lifting-induced hits of endorphins

(Although Dave often posts in this blog as “The Blog Dude,” other dudes can take that role from time to time.)


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