Some News about the Main Site


Hey bros,

Some of you might have seen that the www part of had an outage over part of this past weekend and into Monday morning. So I thought I should tell you all that (1) the site is back up, (2) the issue that caused the outage has been fixed, and (3) no personal data was lost or compromised because of the outage. So keep on bromancin’!

On an unrelated note, I just put a system in place to sweep the database for duplicate IP addresses. Remember that the Terms of Use say that only one account is allowed per IP address. This rule exists so that you can feel confident that the guy who’s messaging you is genuine. If you create duplicate accounts, the newer one(s) will probably be deleted without notice. There will be few if any exceptions. If you and your roommate are both really into and need to log in from the same IP, let us know.

Okay, that’s it for all the announcements. Hopefully I’ll have time for the usual fun article next week.

-The Blog Dude